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Digital Greener Shipping Summit 2021

Experience from 2020 environmental regulations shapes future changes

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Now in its tenth year, the Summit is organised by Newsfront / Naftiliaki under the auspices of Greece’s powerful technical body, MARTECMA [the Greek Marine Technical Managers Association].

As with all events in this programme, Newsfront / Naftiliaki has worked with MARTECMA, in preparing this Summit which has the general title: Digital Greener Shipping Summit 2021: ‘Experience from 2020 environmental regulations shapes future changes’.

Technical items to be looked at include:

• What do we know from the implementation of the 2020 environmental regulations

• Did scrubbers meet the expectations and what is their future?

• Are the next generation BWT systems ready? What has been changed?

• Digitalization in managing changes

• EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) – Implementation: How it affects shipowners and ship lifetime

• CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) – IMO brings charterers in the battle against emissions




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